Kryptaglow Marine Epoxy (1600) Product Documentation


Kryptaglow Glow In The Dark Marine Epoxy


There is always a need for a tougher hard skin paint for machinery, outdoors, and areas where moisture may be a factor. Kryptaglow Marine Epoxy has been used indoors in stadiums on stairs where there’s proper ventilation for a safe application as well. We can add a NON SKID Top Coat to enhance its safety when needed by request.

All Kryptaglow Marine Epoxy paints are 2 component systems which means you mix equal Part A and equal Part B for application. They have a 3 hour pot time after mixing before getting hard.

Cleanup: MEK or Methyl Ethyl Ketone is recommended Xylene or Xylol may also be used.

We currently have this glow in the dark marine epoxy made with our SUPER formula for an outstanding glowing effect. Available in Gallon Kits Consisting of Bottom coat, Glow Paint, and Top coat. Sample kits can be ordered in a one Quart size from our ordering page or call us for more details.