May 042013

MEA Certification : What does Material Equipment Acceptance or MEA Certified Mean?

" The MEA Certification standard is intended to provide minimum requirements for photoluminescent exit pathway markings that will aid in evacuation from buildings in the event of failure of both the power and back-up power to the lighting and illuminated exit signs. Photoluminescent material is charged by exposure to light and will emit luminance after the activating light source is unavailable. The pathway markings covered by this standard are not designed to provide enough light to illuminate a dark egress path, but rather will provide luminescent signs and outlines of the egress path, stairs, handrails, and obstacles, so that occupants can discern these egress path elements in dark conditions.

The pathway markings are generally required to be located at a low location in case of smoke and to be readily seen, such as in a crowd situation. They are in addition to, and not as a substitute for, any other signage required under the Building Code, such as electrically illuminated exit signs with electrical back-up power required under § 27-383(a)". Extracted from NYC LL26 Regulations (pdf)

Kryptaglow MEA Paints

MEA Special Blend meets and exceeds the requirement for standards ASTM E 2072 and corrosponding UL 1994

Kryptaglow MEA Paint Products have passed these tests multiple times, and
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