Glow In The Dark Paint Applications Save Lives

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May 092013

Glow In The Dark Paint Applications:
How Fire Fighter Tools And Signs Help Save Lives

Glow In The Dark Paint Applications - Fire Fighter Tools - fireman GonzalesFirefighter Joe Gonzalez, a professional firefighter in one of the busiest Fire Departments in New Jersy is very happy with the performance of the Kryptaglow Water Based Paint System. His is one of the best examples of how glow in the dark paint applications can save lives:

His company CSC Group LLC (Creative Safety Concepts) applies Kryptaglow to enhance visibility of various life saving tools such as the axe in the photo below..

Glowing House Letters & Signs Made with Kryptaglow Glow In The Dark Paint – Green or Aqua

“Once Kryptaglow is charged-up, I know I can count on it to be visable in darkness and in various smoke filled conditions!”
Glow In The Dark Paint Applications - Fire Fighter Tools - as a fireman uses themAnother way glow in the dark paint applications help authorities save lives is this one:
Glow In The Dark House Numbers & Letters identify your home or business in the dark (or use for decoration in your kids rooms).

An Idaho Sheriff says: “These numbers are a wonderful idea! The potential to aid an officer in locating addresses, especially in rural mountainous areas like ours, makes them one of the most exciting, innovative ideas to happen in this century”

Fireman Mitchel Tain says. ” As a rural fire fighter for over 12 years I know moments count for the first attack team. Being able to see the address upon approach enables the fire department to deploy quickly!”

What application of glow in the dark paint will you think of? Let us know!

Luminescent Stair Tread Nosing : Working Example

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May 092013


This luminescent stair tread nosing by Kryptaglow HAD BEEN INSTALLED IN A HEAVY TRAFFIC AREA FOR TWO YEARS when the picture was taken"
luminescent stair tread nosing by kryptaglow : durability

Glow In The Dark Signs and Egress Systems

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May 062013

Enhanced Safety With Glow In The Dark Signs

When the lights go out, our glow in the dark signs start glowing blue immediately, and these safety signs become the best way to lead people out to safer places. They work without any power source, and it’s extended afterglow period is long enough to lead people out safely.

Glow In The Dark Signs Conform To MEA safety Codes

New York City has set a new building code regulations with Local Law 26(LL26) and
Reference Standard 6-1(RS 6-1), and all Class E buildings whose height is 75 feet or
higher are obliged to comply to this new regulations by the end of June, 2006.

MEA Certificate in PDF Format

Glow In The dark Signs Are Characterized By:

  1. Emitting-color in the dark
  2. Extended longer afterglow period
  3. Brighter by 20% more than the MEA standard
  4. Reliable durability, Resistance to damage coming from Aluminum base plate with acrylic coatings
  5. Completely free from Toxicity/
  6. Photoluminescent pigments used are licensed under Patent No.5376303, and our products are free from Patent conflict.

MEA Certified Safety Way Guidance Systems
MouseOver Images For Night Version

Exit Sign
Glow in the dark signs - Exit sign
Size: 5" x 14"

Progress Right
Glow in the dark signs - Progress right sign
Size: 5" x 10"

Progress Up & Right
Glow in the dark signs - Progress Up Right sign
Size: 5" x 10"

Progress Down & Right
Glow in the dark signs - Progress Down Right sign
Size: 5" x 10"

Progress Forward
Glow in the dark signs - Progress Forward sign
Size: 5" x 10"

Progress Left
Glow in the dark signs - Progress Left sign
Size: 5" x 10"

Progress Up & Left
Glow in the dark signs - Progress Up Left sign
Size: 5" x 10"

Progress Down & Left
Glow in the dark signs - Progress Down Left sign

Size: 5" x 10"

Progress Down
Glow in the dark signs - Progress Down sign
Size: 5" x 10"

Final Exit
Glow in the dark signs - Final Exit sign
Size: 10" x 14"











Up Left


Up Right


Down Left


Down Right


MEA Certified Paints Exceed Brightness Ratings

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May 062013


KRYPTAGLOW MEA CERTIFIED PAINTS have specially formulated a product that has achieved some of the highest brightness ratings for safety 4 times in laboratory tests. This paint was specifically designed for Egress systems. Sold as a complete system these are the first paints to pass with a combination of bottom coat and top coat for protection giving a lasting finish for years of performance. All are Water Base products for easy clean up and easy indoor installation even in closed areas with poor ventilation such as stairwells.

Customer Created Sign
mea certified paints - moon sign by customer of Kryptaglow
Using Our Newest
Paint Color

MEA Certified Paints Product Brochure (pdf)

Kryptaglow MEA Certified Paints & Products have been formulated to meet and exceed the new requirements for visible safety markings. Using these new photoluminescent pigments to formulate one of the highest performing lines of safety paints available today. These safety paints have passed the MEA STANDARDS FOR N.Y.C. LL26 LAWS 4 times. Useful in many applications industrially as well as for evacuation routing. Imagine the possibilities. Krypataglow¨ is working on paints for almost every professional use. KRYPTAGLOW¨ MEA Certified PAINTS are designed to exceed all previous standards. Kryptaglow¨ is quickly becoming the leader in glow in the dark products. Kryptaglow Safety Paints for the future. Now!

MEA Certified Paints: Proper application

  1. White bottom coat #1171
  2. Then 3 coats Kryptaglow¨ MEA certified paint
  3. Add Clear Top Coat #1171.
  4. Follow specific MEA certified paint application Instructions required by LL26 Laws.

KRYPTAGLOW MEA 1300 1300A 1300C Special Blend PAINT. For N.Y.C. LL26 Laws. Used for wall and floor application and for Egress systems. Used in combination with our Kryptaglow White Base Coat #1171, and Kryptaglow Topcoat #1102 seals it for easy washability. Quick Drying.

KRYPTAGLOW CLEAR WATERBASE TOP COAT #1102 Used for sealing our safety paints. It’s specially formulated to absorb light and allow the fullest performance possible from Kryptaglow MEA Certified Paints while giving a hard surface for durability. It’s also Water Base for easy clean up. Dries quickly.

KRYPTAGLOW WHITE Base Coat #1171 We have formulated a White Water Base bottom coat for use with our paint for MEA it’s designed to seal any clean properly prepared surface for the best adherence of all Kryptaglow Safety paints. Works as a Primer and Sealer great for porous surfaces as well. Dries in about 1 Hour.

#1300A MEA Certified Signs – New Paint Color – Brighter Than Green

Other products include Glow in the Dark MEA Certified Signs, Egress Stripping, and other safety products for your building.

MEA Certification, MEA Paint & Pathway Markers Explained

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May 042013

MEA Certification : What does Material Equipment Acceptance or MEA Certified Mean?

" The MEA Certification standard is intended to provide minimum requirements for photoluminescent exit pathway markings that will aid in evacuation from buildings in the event of failure of both the power and back-up power to the lighting and illuminated exit signs. Photoluminescent material is charged by exposure to light and will emit luminance after the activating light source is unavailable. The pathway markings covered by this standard are not designed to provide enough light to illuminate a dark egress path, but rather will provide luminescent signs and outlines of the egress path, stairs, handrails, and obstacles, so that occupants can discern these egress path elements in dark conditions.

The pathway markings are generally required to be located at a low location in case of smoke and to be readily seen, such as in a crowd situation. They are in addition to, and not as a substitute for, any other signage required under the Building Code, such as electrically illuminated exit signs with electrical back-up power required under § 27-383(a)". Extracted from NYC LL26 Regulations (pdf)

Kryptaglow MEA Paints

MEA Special Blend meets and exceeds the requirement for standards ASTM E 2072 and corrosponding UL 1994

Kryptaglow MEA Paint Products have passed these tests multiple times, and
MEA Certified Paints, MEA Certified Exit/Egress Signage, and Pathway Marking Strips are Available Now!
mea certification - exit signs
mea certification - stairway with pathway markings
Safety signs – Exit signs – and pathway marking systems

Glow Paint Applications & Ideas

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May 042013

Glow Paint Can Be Applied In Many Ways

Imagine What YOU Could Do With Kryptaglow Glow Paint

Here are some examples of the things people imagine and do with Kryptaglow glow paint and glow in the dark products:

glow paint - real estate sign

Glow Paints & Products : Artist Creations With Kryptaglow Glow Paint Products

Safety Products have many uses, artisticly, as well as in the home

View the actual products in the gallery above. Here are some examples of what people create with Kryptaglow Glow Paint:

  • Theatre Production Powered by Kryptaglow Glow Paint
  • Many creative artists have been enjoying our glow paints while creating new and exciting works of art.
  • Locking Fish Grip Powered by Kryptaglow More Info / Buy Online
  • Glow In The Dark Manequins
  • glow paint - garden stake

  • NiteGlow Disks. 3.75″ ideal for marking area’s with low visibility. More Info / Buy Online
    Use to mark pathways, hallways, stairs, driveways, boat docks, great fun in a child’s room.
  • Glow Drink Coasters Available plain or with your custom logo and message printed
  • Kryptaglow Glow Products can be used to create “Glow in the Dark Signs”
  • Wood Glow Address Numbers and Letters: Let emergency personnel find you with ease! Healthy, Energy Saving, and Environmently Friendly. NO parts to break!
  • Glow Kokopelli: Have the Kokopelli symbol of good luck and fertility glowing in your yard. Healthy, Energy Saving, and Environmently Friendly.
  • glow paint - princedogGlow In The Dark Snowboard
  • Glow In The Dark Skateboard
  • Glowing Scooter
  • Glow In The Dark Pet Collars More Info / Buy Online