May 062013


KRYPTAGLOW MEA CERTIFIED PAINTS have specially formulated a product that has achieved some of the highest brightness ratings for safety 4 times in laboratory tests. This paint was specifically designed for Egress systems. Sold as a complete system these are the first paints to pass with a combination of bottom coat and top coat for protection giving a lasting finish for years of performance. All are Water Base products for easy clean up and easy indoor installation even in closed areas with poor ventilation such as stairwells.

Customer Created Sign
mea certified paints - moon sign by customer of Kryptaglow
Using Our Newest
Paint Color

MEA Certified Paints Product Brochure (pdf)

Kryptaglow MEA Certified Paints & Products have been formulated to meet and exceed the new requirements for visible safety markings. Using these new photoluminescent pigments to formulate one of the highest performing lines of safety paints available today. These safety paints have passed the MEA STANDARDS FOR N.Y.C. LL26 LAWS 4 times. Useful in many applications industrially as well as for evacuation routing. Imagine the possibilities. Krypataglow¨ is working on paints for almost every professional use. KRYPTAGLOW¨ MEA Certified PAINTS are designed to exceed all previous standards. Kryptaglow¨ is quickly becoming the leader in glow in the dark products. Kryptaglow Safety Paints for the future. Now!

MEA Certified Paints: Proper application

  1. White bottom coat #1171
  2. Then 3 coats Kryptaglow¨ MEA certified paint
  3. Add Clear Top Coat #1171.
  4. Follow specific MEA certified paint application Instructions required by LL26 Laws.

KRYPTAGLOW MEA 1300 1300A 1300C Special Blend PAINT. For N.Y.C. LL26 Laws. Used for wall and floor application and for Egress systems. Used in combination with our Kryptaglow White Base Coat #1171, and Kryptaglow Topcoat #1102 seals it for easy washability. Quick Drying.

KRYPTAGLOW CLEAR WATERBASE TOP COAT #1102 Used for sealing our safety paints. It’s specially formulated to absorb light and allow the fullest performance possible from Kryptaglow MEA Certified Paints while giving a hard surface for durability. It’s also Water Base for easy clean up. Dries quickly.

KRYPTAGLOW WHITE Base Coat #1171 We have formulated a White Water Base bottom coat for use with our paint for MEA it’s designed to seal any clean properly prepared surface for the best adherence of all Kryptaglow Safety paints. Works as a Primer and Sealer great for porous surfaces as well. Dries in about 1 Hour.

#1300A MEA Certified Signs – New Paint Color – Brighter Than Green

Other products include Glow in the Dark MEA Certified Signs, Egress Stripping, and other safety products for your building.