May 102013
1300 Kryptaglow set


We thought we should dispel the ONE COAT PAINT MYTH used as a sales ploy by some other safety paint manufacturers with products that will not stand up to the brightness test. A test that our safety paints even when using a protective top coat do pass. Here is the needed information you should be thinking about when making a clear decision which safety paint to put in your building:

#1 There is by rule no one coat paint!
All photoluminescent paint should be on a white surface for proper working effect!

This Should Be The End of Any One Coat Paint MYTH. But Theres More:

#2. When applying any pholuminescent safety paint there is a minimum of thickness needed to achieve the maximum desired effect. That varies from paint to paint according to quality. For some it must be say 19 mils of safety paint on a white surface. Now what does that mean in coats? Do you have a mil gauge to check and see if the mils are correct and will be safe or at least abide by a code or are at least within the law?

We make it easy, 3 coats of safety paint applied with a roller or brush guarantees you meet a minimum requirement. Do you really want to have less because one coat paint companies boast they meet the requirement? You want to ask your self questions such as:

  • how close was it to failing?
  • Did it have a protective top coat on it?
  • How will it stay clean?
  • How thick was that coat?
  • Can you duplicate it?
  • How will it stick to my steps when they are dirty and red in color?

That’s why you need a matched bottom coat tested with the products that passed the test in the lab and a matched top coat to protect all of it and was also tested at the same time on the product when all tests were performed.

If not, it is ILLEGAL to use a top coat on a MEA Glow paint that was not tested on it at the same time the test were performed!

Do Not Be Fooled it is illegal to later add a product that was not tested on or under the certified safety paint products.

So compare the numbers and ask yourself do you want to cut corners on installation cost and compromise your safety in return?

Kryptaglow® MEA Special Blend 1300 System is just that – a complete system Bottom coat, Top Coat, and the Safety Glow Paint.

Here some things helpful to know

The Brightness Test:

This test was devised to make sure the product your using will ultimately still be glowing after the lights go off. If you check the stats and compare;
Kryptaglow® product #1300 A has a 45.21 at 10 minutes 11.39 at 60 minutes, and 8.79 at 90 minutes this is the important one which tells how rapidly and how far the glow reduces to. This is with a top coat on the top protecting it. The lowest figure is the one that counts 8.79 at 90 minutes. Other safety paints are in the 5.? range. Range 5.30 means it’s failing. So how far above that number is the competitor without a protective top Coat?

TOPCOAT Now what we need to understand here is that our product unlike any other product on the market passed these test with a protective top coat on at the time of the test. No one has a paint that has passed with a top coat on it except Kryptaglow®. This means you cannot put one on any other paint you buy and be legal because it reduces the brightness and means that product will not pass the test with it on top. There for it cannot be used!

BOTTOMCOAT Kryptaglow® paints were also tested with a specific bottom coat matched to our paint system that will prepare the surface to be painted properly so the products will adhere better. A problem many have found with other inferior products. All glow in the dark paints should be applied on a white surface for best result and were tested that way when the test were preformed.
Therefore you should by law use the same system for best results in your project.
You wouldn’t want to use an inferior white under the glow paint and have it come right off or have a reaction to the glow paint itself.

Hopefully these facts should help you understand the differences between one product and another. And what you should know when making a decision on what product to use for your building. The web is a confusing place! Know the facts when making your choice for safety paints. One coat paint doesn’t exist when it comes to safety paints. Kryptaglow® is number one