May 102013

Problems With Glow Tape

When it comes to pholuminescent glow tape nothing can compare to glow paint. It will out last any tape being used for the same purpose. Glow tapes have several problems:

Glow Paint Versus Glow Tape

  1. Glue Failure: its been know that glues being used on most walls have not have the sticking power of paint and have often taken a bottom coat to prepare the wall just to stick.
  2. Vandalism: Glow tapes can easily be taken back off the wall by vandalism, something that cannot happen with paint.
  3. Cost: The cost factor of glow tapes is enormous, and controlled by certain companies who do not want to see a cost effective product such as glow paint compete when its obviously superior to any glow tape product and far more cost effective.
  4. Performance: Our glow paints have already established themselves as the leading performer in the industry for paints and coatings. Our brightness ratings have surpassed any and all requirements for Safety Egress Systems. Kryptaglow Special Blend has Passed the LL-26 Safety Standards set by the City of New York for their buildings and has out preformed all of its competitors.
  5. Maintenance: Our paints together with our matched Top Coats are easily maintained because they are durable and also washable with a simple house hold cleaner. No sanding or resurfacing needed.

We hope this explains the benefits of using our paints over glow tapes. If they were really that good we would carry glow tapes. Our egress strips are a better solution and compare in cost.

The most affordable is truly Kryptaglow Paints, We have a paint for every use. please feel free to browse at our selection. We have everything from Water Base to a Non Skid if needed.

Join us in using the Best glow in the dark products on the market for your job….