Kryptaglow® Regular and Super Glow Paint (Solvent Base)

Product Data Sheet





Product Description



Kryptaglow® Regular and Super Glow Paints are to be used in conjunction with the Kryptaglow® Clear Topcoat on a clean preferably white surface.  The Super, when applying three coats, can act as its own base coat instead of using a white base coat if applied to a clean dry surface.  The Kryptaglow® Paint line is a solvent base paint used to paint safety egress systems used for evacuation of high rises, schools, etc.  It is designed to high standards of performance needed to guide the way when situations arise and a well-marked evacuation routing is paramount.  Kryptaglow® will meet and exceed the standards needed for performance in these areas.  The Super can be used to create levels of glow higher than normally required giving more usage in many other areas of industry, for machinery, etc.  When exposed to a black light Kryptaglow® products will charge to an exceedingly high level as well as exposure to sunlight.  Heat will charge Kryptaglow® if over 94° F.  Under normal lighting condition Kryptaglow® will charge by exposure to light very quickly and will continue to charge as long as exposure continues.  It will then maintain its glow for several hours making it possible to see longer after the normal evacuation time. The uses for Kryptaglow® paints are endless.  Anywhere you would like the surface to glow use Kryptaglow®.



Physical Properties


Weight Solids

Volume Solids

Resin Type


Theoretical Coverage

Weight per Gallon


Viscosity @ 77° F





Modified Alkyd


633.33 ft2 @ 1 mil

8.9 lbs.

4.4 lbs./gallon

74 – 76 KV





Kryptaglow® Regular and Super can be reduced with most aromatic solvents.  Xylene would be the recommended “fast” reducer for application in cooler temperatures, D-100 can be used as a slow reducer to help the applied coating flow during warmer conditions.






Three coats should be applied to a white or light colored surface.  Kryptaglow® Clear Topcoat should be used as a sealer.  Can be sprayed, brushed or rolled.  All Kryptaglow® products charge with light and are enhanced with black UV lights.  For safety data refer to MSDS.


It is quick drying in about 30 minutes.  A coat of Kryptaglow® Clear Topcoat should also be applied for best performance and durability.  Kryptaglow® paints will charge rapidly in sunlight or using a black light.  Charge times vary with exposure and strength of charging source.



dry times



Kryptaglow® Regular and Super Glow Paints will dry to handle in about one hour depending on thickness of application, humidity, temperature and air movement.  Dry through times may take several days or more.  Full adhesion will be gained after 4-7 days drying time.  Always check for evidence of lifting before proceeding with a full topcoat.  Lifting will typically occur between 8 – 48 hours.






Use xylol to flush paint lines. 





Safety Precautions




Contains aromatic solvents 

Vapor and spray mist harmful 

Use proper respiratory protection

Refer to MSDS for specific information


For more detailed recommendations, please contact your local Kryptaglow Representative
























































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