Kryptaglow® White Base Coat (Solvent Base)

Product Data Sheet





Product Description



Kryptaglow® White Base Coat is a general purpose primer that exhibits fast dry times, good gloss holdout, corrosion resistance and lift resistant properties.  This primer system is ideal for industrial uses including the finishing of agricultural and construction equipment.



Physical Properties


Weight Solids

Volume Solids

Resin Type


Theoretical Coverage

Weight per Gallon


Viscosity @ 77° F





Modified Alkyd

10 – 20 @ 60°

816 ft2 @ 1 mil

11.7 lbs.

3.5 lbs./gallon

35 – 45 seconds #2 Zahn


Surface Preparation







The service expectancy of a coating is primarily dependent upon good surface preparation.  The surface to be coated should be free of mill scale, rust, oil, and other contaminates, including salt deposits. 


They may be applied over steel and other properly prepared substrates.  Bare steel areas should be treated with iron phosphate conversion coatings and adequate rinsing.  Aluminum should be treated with appropriate metal cleaners and conditioners, including a vinyl wash primer.  For optimum adhesion, hot rolled steel should have the mill scale removed by an abrasive blast to SSPC-SP-6 (to an average profile of 1.5 mils) and then coated before flash rusting occurs.






This can be sprayed with all types of application equipment.  For airless application no reduction is necessary.  Airless tip sizes should be in the .011 to .017 range.  Adjust pressures accordingly for best atomization and transfer efficiencies.  Air-assist airless pressures will be in the 800 – 1,000 lb. range for fluid, and 30 – 60 lb. range for atomizing air.  In-line heaters should be set at 120°F.


For conventional air spray some reduction may be necessary.  Thin sparingly with xylol or other aromatic solvents.  Pressures will be dependent upon the type of gun and fluid nozzle, but atomizing air pressures will typically be in the 45 – 60 lb. range.


For best results, dry film thickness should be about 1 – 2 mils above surface profile.  This will require wet film thicknesses of around 2 – 4 mils.  Apply in two medium build coats.



dry times



Recoat times may vary according to film thicknesses and curing conditions, but typically that can be topcoated after it reaches tack free or 15 – 30 minutes.  This primer system has good lift resistant properties, and may be recoated at later dates as long as care is taken to clean the surface to be coated.






Use xylol to flush paint lines. 





Safety Precautions




Contains aromatic solvents 

Vapor and spray mist harmful 

Use proper respiratory protection

Refer to MSDS for specific information


For more detailed recommendations, please contact your local Kryptaglow Representative
























































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