Kryptaglow® Clear Protective Topcoat #1102 (Water Base)

Product Data Sheet





Product Description



Kryptaglow® Clear Protective Topcoat #1102 is a fast dry, water reducible finish that dries to a crystal clear finish.  This product will enhance the beauty of Kryptaglow® Glow Paint. 



Intended Uses


Formulated for use on Kryptaglow® Glow Paint. 



Physical Properties






Resin Type

Reduction and Clean-up Solvent

Solids by Weight

Solids by Volume


Dry Film Thickness per Coat

Wet Film to Achieve DFT


Theoretical Coverage @ 1 mil

Coverage at Recommended DFT2


Drying Times3

@ 70ºF (21ºC)

and 50% R.H.

Recoat 1 to 2 hours





Appears milky in the can but dries to a crystal clear finish. 

Gloss 60+ @ 60º

Satin 625-30 @ 60º







1 - 2 mils

3 – 6.5 mils


497 ft2/gallon

248-489 ft2/gallon


Touch 10 minutes

Tack Free 1 hour

Through 2 to 4 hours

Recoat after tack free


280 grams/liter


1 Waterborne clears may have a tendency to yellow over solvent/oil-based white or pastel colored paints.  In addition, oil-based paints must be completely dry before topcoating with Kryptaglow® Paints.

2 Spread rates are estimates based on products volume solids and make no allowance for material loss during application.  Actual spread rates may vary dependent on applicator experience, surface porosity and texture.

3 Dry times may vary depending upon temperature, humidity and degree of air movement.





Kryptaglow® Clear Protective Topcoat #1102 may be used as a clear protective coat on surfaces painted with latex glow paint.  A test area is recommended to ensure the final appearance is satisfactory.


This product meets or exceeds Master Painters Institute (MPI) #128 and #130 approval standards.



Formulated for use on Kryptaglow® Glow Paint. 



Surface Preparation





The wood surface must be clean, dry and free from dirt, dust, wax and grease.  Surfaces must be properly prepared and primed prior to application of this product.


Bare Wood Surfaces

Sand the wood thoroughly.  Begin with a medium grit sandpaper progressing to a fine grit.  Always sand in the direction of the wood grain.  Sand smooth and remove dust particles with a rag dampened with water.


Previously Finished Wood Surfaces

Sand with a fine grit sandpaper to remove surface imperfections and gloss.  Remove all sanding dust with a clean rag dampened with water.






·       DO NOT SHAKE!  Stir material prior and during use

·       Equipment must be clean prior to start.  Flush airless lines with clean water


·       Apply by brush, roller or spray.  A good quality synthetic brush will make application easier.  Use a ¼” nap mohair or foam roller cover.  An airless tip size of 0.011 to 0.013 is recommended.

·       Apply the product in full even coats and maintain a wet edge.  If brushing, apply liberally, working quickly to insure an even coat.

·       Allow the product to dry 1 to 2 hours before recoating.  Sand lightly between coats with a very fine sandpaper (220 grit) to produce a finer finish.  Remove sanding dust with a damp cloth.  Three coats are recommended for greatest durability.

·       Thinning is normally not required.



environmental variables





Minimum surface and air temperature required for application is 50ºF (10ºC).  Curing is affected by temperature, humidity and air movement.  The minimums must be maintained for at least eight (8) hours in order to achieve proper film formation.  Application at elevated temperatures and/or low humidity may require special application procedures to achieve proper film formation.  Recommended conditions: temperatures between 60ºF (15 ºC) and 90ºF (32ºC); relative humidity between 30% and 70%.



Clean up


Clean up all equipment using warm water.  Rinse with clean water and allow to dry.


Safety Precautions




For interior use only

Do not apply below 50 ºF

Protect from freezing

Not for use on horizontal surfaces

Do not take internally

Use with adequate ventilation

Keep out of reach of children


For more detailed recommendations, please contact your local Kryptaglow Representative

































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