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KRYPTAGLOW™ SAFETY PAINTS are designed for professional use in industrial Egress Systems for evacuation, or anywhere Photoluminescent Paint is needed to light up dark areas. Kryptaglow™ paints can be used on walls, floors, metals, or on just about any properly prepared surface. The possibilities are endless when you think of all the things that could be improved if they would glow.

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KRYPTAGLOW™ REGULAR WALL AND FLOOR SAFETY PAINT. Solvent Base or Water Base. Used for just that wall and floor application and Egress systems. Used in combination with our Kryptaglow™ Topcoat enables it to be effective outdoors as well. Works best on a White base. Available in Gallons, Quarts and 12.8 oz spray cans.

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KRYPTAGLOW™ SUPER BRIGHT FOR SIGNAGE AND EGRESS SYSTEMS. Super bright was developed for areas where a brighter longer glow is paramount. It can be used to make signs that will glow brightly for hours. And it lasts for years. This is the brightest paint currently in our line and can be seen at greater distances. Solvent Base or Water Base.
Available in Gallons, Quarts, and Pints.

KRYPATAGLOW™ CLEAR TOPCOAT Used for sealing any of our safety paints. Itís specially formulated to absorb light and allow the fullest performance possible from Kryptaglow™ Safety Paints.

KRYPTAGLOW™ Marine There is always a need for a tougher paint for machinery and outdoors.

 NOW AVAILABLE!  KRYPTAGLOW™ NON-SKID Formulated for steps and areas where slipping may be a factor. Also in Water Base or Solvent for indoors or out.

 NEW!  KRYPTAGLOW™ Plastic Dip Formulated for dipping tools, handles, or any surface where a plastic glowing coating is needed. Can aid in preventing surface scratching between two metals.

 NEW!  KRYPTAGLOW™ Automobile This paint is formulated for automobiles, or motorcycles or any vehicle you would like to make glow. We have the undercoat as well as the top coat to complete your job.

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