Recreational Kits

KRYPTAGLOW™ GLOW PAINTS are now available in recreational kits. These glow in the dark paint kits are designed for recreational use in residential areas, or anywhere else Photoluminescent Paint is needed to light up dark areas. Kryptaglow™ glow paints can be used on walls, floors, metals, or on just about any properly prepared surface. The possibilities are endless when you think of all the things that could be improved if they would glow.

NOTE: Recreational kits are NOT IBC or MEA compliant. They are NOT sufficient to meet the laws of egress for building codes. Please contact us for legally compliant KRYPTAGLOW™  paints.

Glow in the dark paint recreational kits come with all 3 items needed: 1st. Bottom coat , 2nd the glow paint , 3rd the top coat to seal it in. KRYPTAGLOW™ glow in the dark recreational paint kits are a great way to make almost any object glow in the dark.


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